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We have created this space for noobs and nerds alike to learn more about the NFT world. Need the basics? We’ve got you. Want to get to grips with Blockchain? Sorted.

What's an NFT?

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that can be bought and sold online for a profit, stored on the blockchain, guaranteeing its complete uniqueness and sole ownership to the purchaser.

How do nfts work?​

NFT transactions are stored using blockchain technology. The blockchain is vital for ensuring the NFT’s uniqueness and for proving the purchaser’s sole ownership of the NFT.

How does NFT Trading work?​

NFT trading takes place on an NFT Marketplace, such as OpenSea. NFTs can be bought just for fun, like collectables, or they can be used as an investment…

What NFTs should I invest in?

In the NFT world the options are many and diverse, which leads you to wonder: What NFT should I buy?